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H50 install help for Dell Dimension 8400


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So as usual Dell does not like to offer anything standard, and so the Socket 775 on my Dimension 8400 does not adhere to Intel's specs. Does Corsair offer a mounting bracket that will fit the Dell socket heatsink mounts?


Also the Dell cpu fan has a proprietary 4 pin connector (with 4 wires) for the motherboard. From what I have learned they are


Red (+)

Black (ground)

white (rpm)

blue (regulator)


What kind of plug comes with the fan on the H50?


I really want to buy this cooler, my Dell revs up to hearing damage levels when I do anything processor intensive- seriously I have a decibel meter and at 3 feet it is 67 decibels! I was playing Silent Hunter 4 last night for 2 hours and I could not hear the sound effects from the speakers. After I shut the system down I could tell my right ear was not 100% (closest to the cpu).


I have to do something- soon.



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I'd call up and ask for an RMA of the fan if it's getting that loud.


The power connector is a standard 3 pin power connector which you most often see on fans.


I doubt you'll ever see a mounting bracket for any proprietary motherboard.

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RMA is not possible- this computer is 4 years old and only came with a 1 year warranty.


The loud fan has always been an issue, but it has always been tolerable. However as apps (and games) get more demanding it runs the cpu hotter. I just installed a Geforce 9800 GT board with 512 mb ram (replacing an ATI X800 SE with 128 mb) which was chosen because it only draws 105 watts so it uses the PCI-E power and not a supplemental power plug.


Point is I needed an upgraded gpu to handle more intensive games, which stress the cpu also. Because of Dell's lame heatsink/fan combo I need to replace them to keep it quiet.

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The plug for the fan on the H50 is also a 4 pin, while the pump connector is 3 pin. I would not be able to tell you for sure if the bracket would be compatible with the Dell motherboard, but it is designed to fit standard LGA 775, 1366, 1156, AM2/AM3 sockets.
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