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System specs:



Core 2 Quad 6600 @ 2.4 GHz (defaults)

2X TWIN2X2048-6400

I have the same problems that jcrsairusr88:


Even though the system boots and seems to run fine at DDR2-800 with stock auto M/B settings when Memtest86 v3.4 is run I get a strange failure (so I am running at DDR2-667 for now). I have gone over many posts and internet searches but so far cannot seem to find anyone reporting the same problem.


When set for DDR2-800 using M/B's stock settings CPU-Z shows: DRAM Freq 400.8 MHz,FSB:DRAM 5:6, 5-5-5-18 2T. Memtest86 v3.4 reports an error during the first execution of test #3 at 13% completion of the test as follows:


Error Confidence value: 27

Lowest Error Address: 00000004004 - 0.2MB

Highest Error Address: 0007ff8deff - 2047.8MB

Bits in Error Mask: 44cb44eb

Bits in Error - Total: 15, Min:1 Max: 13 Avg: 4

Max Contiguous Errors: 1

ECC Correctable Errors:

Errors per memory slot: 0:2



and the error counter for test #3 at the right of the screen spins endlessly (values spin from 0 to 32767) - I must hit the reset button to reboot. The fact that MemTest freezes like this makes me uncertain if it is a true error or not.


The memory is currently stable at DDR2-667 auto (runs fine, Memtest86 and Prime95 go for long periods with no errors). CPU-Z shows: DRAM Freq 334.0 Mhz, FSB:DRAM 1:1, 5-5-5-15 2T. System temperatures seem fine too - idle 25C CPU, 27C MB, load 42C CPU, 33C MB.


I have tried many different auto/manual settings, (manual 1.8v or 1.9v memory voltage, highest possible latency settings in BIOS, disabling legacy USB support, a 266Mhz FSB and multiplier for DDR2-800) but the result was always the same. I believe the manual voltage sometimes allowed 14% on test #3 but the display values for the error were pretty much the same. I thought perhaps the reported 0.1v vcore issue for recent p5k-e bios might be affecting memory voltages, but I have not seen any reports of such.


I have not looked at the northbridge voltage but with only 2 memory modules involved would that even be a possibility ?


Does anyone have any suggestions on anything else I should look into to get this memory working without memtest errors at its stock DDR2-800 rating on the P5K-E-WIFI-AP ? Should I try a different memory testing application ?


Is this just a case of the motherboard/memory being unhappy with each other at that clock (since 667 gives no errors) or is it a problem with one or both DDR2 modules ? My concern is that trying to return the memory to the system builder may not solve the problem (i.e. I may need a different kind of DDR2 RAM - perhaps from the QVL list).


What is the solution?

Sorry for my English


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