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6+ weeks and counting


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I got my TR3X6G1866C7GTF Dominator GT 6 GB 1866Mhz and put it in my motherboard, and discovered one of the sticks of memory is bad. I went through the whole RMA process, and rather than have my new build be down-and-out for lack of memory, I requested Corsair cross-ship the new memory.


I'm glad I didn't send it in! It has been over six weeks with me calling every week only to be told the same thing -- out of stock and to call back next week. I've tried giving my credit card number so it could be shipped as soon as it came in but that can't (won't?) be done.


Please help. I feel like I'm in an endless loop of "please call back next week."


Case #1037562

RMA #1115064

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