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Flash Disk 16 GB issues


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I have a Corsair Voyger 16GB Flash Disk. I have been using it for about two years without any issues until recently.



The issue is :




With Dell notebook I


a) Couldn't copy / write data to flash disk


b) Flash disk keeps connecting and disconnecting


c) Flash disk usually when disconnects and after it reconnects is detected as UNKNOWN DEVICE


d) Often I get message 'USB is connected to low speed port, connect it to Hi Speed for better performance even though it is a Hi Speed Port


e) I cannot format the flash disk via windows standard format option.



I tried another desktop PC running Vista and I get the same problem.


I also reinstalled windows on the dell notebook but same result. (full format)


Both desktop and Dell notebook work perfectly well with my other 1GB Corsair and 32GB Corsair Flash disks. I also tested the USB ports with optical mouse and no issues there.







I have an HP Notebook running Windows XP and I am able to copy and write data to this flash disk without issues. I am also able to format it.








Dell 1535 Vista 32bit Home SP2 fully updated

HP Notebook Windows XP SP3 fully updated

Desktop PC: Self assembled running Vista 64bit Ultimate

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