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Undetected USB Drive in Windows XP (32 bit)


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I have a Flash Voyager 8 gig USB drive and it works flawlessly on these operating systems:


Win XP x86-64

Mandriva Linux 2009.1 x86 and x86-64


However, Win XP 32 bit does not detect the flash drive (I have full admin permissions on the system). No tray icon, doesn't appear in Control Panel either.


It is set up at FAT32 filesystem, switching to any other fs like ext3 or NTFS or xfs does not solve the problem.


I have also tried to partition the drive, but XP 32 bit still does not detect the drive.


Any help?

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It is 3 different systems actually. I have a desktop with XP 64 and Linux 64 bit OS, a laptop with the same setup, and another desktop with just XP 32 bit.


It is just the 32 bit XP that is not detecting the flash drive, but I am still exploring possibilities - it might be an OS issue rather than flash drive hardware issue.

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