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D845GEBV2 compatiblity with VS1GB400C3


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Hello RAMGuy


My old 512MB RAM got busted and this is the first time I am thinking to buy a Corsair product but just want to ensure few things before I go tomorrow and purchase it.


I know D845GEBV2 claims that it supports upto 2GB of Ram PC-400 and Corsair also supports it, whats concerning me is that there are quite contradictory information available on Intel's support page and memory tested list for GEBV2. They show that it is only supported till 1GB even though it has the technology for 2GB. I don't want to take risk with the product I buy and won't work so I want to be 100% sure before buying it and I searched this forum before posting but didn't find any topic relating to GEBV2 board.


Also I've got currently 256MB RAM 2700-module and if the 1GB works on this board, I would like to use 1GB on one slot and the 256mb on the other one. They would work well right?


Thank you!

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