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P128 in RAID

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I am evaluating performance of my P128 as well, 2 in RAID 0 on ICH10R for my system drive.


ATTO Bench shows for 64kb and above, READ speed ranges from 355 MB/s - 371 MB/s. From the following article I was expecting over 400 MB/s, where the same bench test was used with ICH10R and 2 x P256 drives. http://enthusiast.hardocp.com/article/2009/07/06/ssd_raid_scaling_under_windows_7/2


I didn't do anything to optimize / configure the drives, just setup the RAID 0 in BIOS, installed the OS and updates, then ran the bench test. Is there something I need to do to squeeze the remaining performance out of my P128's?


I haven't noticed any stuttering or degraded performance, although I've only been running the drives for a week or so. For refence, since others have noticed theirs dropping, my Windows Experience Index for Primary Hard Disc is 7.9. I have to say though, these SSD's make the computing experience pretty amazing!


Here are my benches - appreciate any input. Looks like my READ speed is about the same as the expected Write speed, when READ should be faster / over 400MB/s (referring to ATTO)? Not sure what's going on with HD Tune which appears like results for a single drive intead of 2 in RAID0....





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In the article the drive was not the Boot drive, but in your system it appears to be the Boot drive with the O.S. Installed. If so the performance will be about 10% less because of the O.S. utilization.


However, The testing we have done with the P series drives the Cluster size and allocation size has little effect on the drive performance in a Raid. When the testing is complete we will publish the results.

But when using two M-64 SSD Drives in a Raid the Raid Cluster size set to 128K and the in the format set the Allocation to 32K gave the best performance.

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