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Hi folks,


I'm doing a new build on an Asus P5Q-Pro, and have been having some problems getting the machine to POST.


Initially, putting in just one stick of CM2X1024-8500C5, and the system wouldn't POST - it would power on but no beeps and no monitor output. So I swapped that out for a stick of generic DDR2-667 to get to the BIOS, where I set the DRAM Frequency to DDR2-1066 and the DRAM Volatage to 2.20, rebooted the machine, put in both two sticks of the 8500C5, and went on my merry way after checking with memtest that they were behaving correctly.


However, ever since then I've had issues where my machine again refuses to POST until it is restarted several times, or on occasion my initial steps have to be completed (this seems to happen after it attempts to POST several times in a row and fails, and then tries to reset to default BIOS settings?)


I'm wondering if there are some settings I have set wrong, so below is the list of what I think are the relevant BIOS pages.


This whole not booting once a day thing is starting to get to me, so any help would be appreciated.


Ai Overclock Tuner        [Auto]
CPU Ratio Setting         [Auto]
FSB Strap to North Bridge [Auto]
DRAM Frequency            [DDR2-800MHz]
DRAM Timing Control       [see below]
1st Information : 5-5-5-18-3-30-5-3
 (tCL, tRCD, tRP, tRAS, tRRD, tRFC, tWR, tRTP)
2nd Information: 8-3-5-4-6-4-7
 (tRTW, tWTR_S, tWTR_D, tRTR_S, tRTR_D, tWTW_S, tWTW_D)
3rd Information : 14-5-1-5-5
DRAM Static Read Control  [Auto]
DRAM Read Training        [Auto]
MEM. OC Charger           [Auto]
Ai Clock Twister          [Auto]
Ai Transaction Booster    [Auto]
 C/P : A1 A2 A3 A4
 LVL : 12 12 12 12

CPU Voltage               [Auto]
CPU GTL Reference         [Auto]
CPU PPL Voltage           [Auto]
FSB Termination Voltage   [Auto]
DRAM Voltage              [2.20]
NB Voltage                [Auto]
SB Voltage                [Auto]
PCIE SATA Voltage         [Auto]

Load-Line Calibration     [Auto]
CPU Spread Spectrum       [Auto]
PCIE Spread Spectrum      [Auto]
CPU Clock Skew            [Auto]
NB Clock Skew             [Auto]
CPU Margin Enhancement    [Auto]


Once the machine is up and running, warm boots have never (to my knowledge) exhibited this behaviour. It's typically the first cold boot of the day that has the problem.


Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!

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