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2 pairs of TWIN2X4096 and 2 Motherboard Memory Problems


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I have been trying to get 8 GB of Twin2x4096 Dominator memory working reliably at any speed for over 6 months now. I started with the GA-P35-DQ6 motherboard and 4 GB (4x1GB) of Twin2048 memory and replaced it with the 8 GB (4x2GB) Twin4096 Dominators. I experienced the random reboots after running for a few days in the almost identical fashion as this post:

http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=80561 Even though the case was well ventilated, I purchased the Corsair fan kit for it. The problem continued sporadically over days,weeks no matter what bios speeds I set (even at 1/2 speed and various voltages). When tested with only 2 sticks the system will normally function properly without error at rated speeds and even CPU multiplier increased. Once the errors begin, they will normally continue with any memory tests done and OS crashes. Unplugging the system and resting (sometimes for a few a 30 seconds) ) will allow it to run again. The Chips are only slightly warm but I felt I had isolated 1 bad set of the 4 chips, so I have RMA'ed the 1 set. While that set was gone, the other 2 sticks continued to operate without error. After replacing the RMA'ed set, the problem reappeared. So I finally decided it must be a problem with the GA-P35-DQ6 motherboard. I purchased and installed a GA-EP45-UD3P motherboard. The new motherboard immediately recognized the need for increased voltages in bios and adjusted most setting accordingly. Then after a few days, the system started the random rebooting again. I leave the system unused with Win7 RC installed and setting idle and each day I check it has crashed with memory errors. I've tested memory with both memtest and commercial diagnostic kits and when the system is not exhibiting the problem, they pass at almost any reasonable speeds. When the problems occur, they often are massive amounts of memory errors...until the system is rebooted, unplugged, and then restarted immediately and then only a few errors will show up usually. I will RMA the other 2 sticks if suggested, but I'm at the end of anything I can do to make these work with 8GB after all these months and expense. I've even considered thrashing the whole thing and trying an I7 with 12 GB but am afraid of similar problems. If anyone has a suggestion for stabilizing this system to run 8GB at even 800MZ speeds, I'd consider it. Really is painful to buy a Core 2 Extreme CPU and not be able to use it at any settings I've found. The GA-EP45-UD3 motherboard has so many tuning options, that unless we find the problem or a 'sweet spot' for these sticks, I could be changing options until it's time for another upgrade.

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Ram Guy,

I have RMA-ed and replaced the 2nd set of 4GB (now all 8GB has been RMA-ed under 2 RMA numbers) as you suggested and I have measured temps with an IR Temp guage and even with or without the corsair ram fan working, the temperatures are very acceptable. The problem appears better at 'default' settings for the motherboard, except that I have had to raise the MCH core to 1.20v instead of the 1.10 v. I think this appears to follow the recommendations for increasing the MCH core by .1v, but since I can't seem to find the 'normal' setting for MCH core voltages, increasing it by .1v to 1.2v may be excessive. Should I continue to try to get the memory to work at the 1.10v setting instead? The system is air cooled and is normally running about 40C.

Thanks for your help.

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