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TX750W - different noises


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I have a noiseproblem with my new system. I have a TX750W PSU which makes a snarling noise, you know like a deep, low tiger-snarling. Its not a problem at idle or low usage, but just by loading the Crysis-demo it starts spinning up and it gets really noisy in a mix between normal fannoise (the usual air-noise) and the snarling thing.


I've tried loosening the four screws a bit, that has been suggested in other posts. Perhaps it helped a bit, not sure, but not enough.


And I've tried disabling the C1E in BIOS. Doesn't make a difference.


The fan sometimes keeps running a bit after the computer powers down, if the PSU has been under a heavy load. Thats great, and it also gives me an oppurtunity to hear ONLY the PSU fan. You can really hear the snarling / low, deep ticks ticks while the fan goes slower and slower. A fan normally just makes less and less of the usual air-noise when shutting down, not like this kind of noise.


Another issue is that after heavy load and the fan has stopped it sometimes makes strange electrical noises. You know the old 56k modems made an awful noise when connecting - its kinda like that but just a lot lower. Actually it sounds like some the components are frying just a bit. Sounds really strange.


Temperature is not an issue, its cool.


So, should I RMA this? Loud noises at load - much louder than I've read in any review, and the snarling noise + the electrical component frying noise.

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