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Corsair HX620 PSU :(


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Hi there


I have a Corsair HX620 PSU which I bought brand new from Ebuyer in ~October 2008.


It's been running perfectly since then and I've been very happy with it, just like lots of people with all the good reviews and praise it's received.


About 10 minutes ago I was sitting at my PC browsing the Internet and all of a sudden my PC powers down and my PSU proceeds to make a quite loud "POP" noise and a big spark comes out of the back :(


What's quite disappointing about this is I'm not stressing the PSU at all, I haven't overclocked the PC ever, I have 1 Hard Drive, 2GB Corsair RAM and an 8800GTX so it handles it more than easy.


I'm also worried that it could have taken out other components, is this possible?


My question is, who do I contact about an RMA?

I've had the PSU for about 10 months and I know there's a 5 year warranty with Corsair but as it's under a year old do I contact Ebuyer about a replacement.

I'm a bit reluctant to post it to the Netherlands (I think) as it will cost a fair bit of money which I think is non refundable which I think I shouldn't pay as I've only had it 10 months!


Thanks for reading - Steve

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