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Random (Sort of) Shut Down, Please Help


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Okay, I have an issue I just started dealing with and I could use some help before I decide it's the PSU for sure and need to replace/upgrade it. RAM GUY I hope you can help! I will post my system specs below for you...


Please tell me if it's not enough juice for what I am running (again, below). At first, the system ran great with no issues whatsoever. I've run multiple applications that put a significant strain on the system with no problems, such as Call of Duty 4, Aion, Age of Conan and, perhaps the biggest strain, Champions Online. All of these I have been running at max settings.


I didn't realize it at first, but my problem cropped up when I added a 2nd HDD (A Seagate 1TB 7200rpm SATA drive). What is happening is that when I put a big load on the system (it's been happening while playing Champions) the system will, without warning, shut completely down. I hear feedback sound in the speakers, and my monitor shuts off and says "No Signal". I have to do a hard reboot by holding the power button down on the case until it shuts off. When I reboot, often it will shut down again just while running windows... but if I give it a few minutes it will start back up and run for awhile again before this happens.


Now, my first thought was overheating. I reproduced these results about six times while avidly watching the core temps on both my CPU and GPU. Both were within more than acceptable ranges. I also double-checked in BIOS to ensure that all the voltages were acceptable and they were. I then ran a memtest and my memory checked out fine with no errors. Having ruled out these most common scenarios, I decided to unplug the HDD. The system now runs 100% stable (after an entire night of playing Champions with no crashes). Now, I know this is a good HDD because I've been running it on an externally powered enclosure with no issues.


That led me to the possibility that it is somehow PSU and/or power related. I will add that I had it on the same cable that is plugged into my other HDD. Should it be on it's own cable? Is 750w, or this PSU in particular, insufficient to run my setup? Does anyone have any ideas what it might be?


Any and all help is appreciated.


Thanks, in advance.

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Your system specs have been moved to your profile as per the registration process / rules.


You're nowhere near the limitations of the PSU. Check the PSU Finder on the left. Try the HDD on a different power cable for kicks, but I'd wager the HDD's got issues.

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Sorry about the system specs.


Where is this PSU finder to the left you speak of? Also, I did check the specs on the PSU and I didn't think I was anywhere near it's limitations... but I thought it best to ask.


As I've already said, I do not think that it is issues with the HDD itself, because I can run it in an externally powered enclosure with no issues whatsoever. The only time I have any issues with the HDD is when I hook it up to this PSU. Even then, the HDD works fine... the system just stops working.


Do you have another suggestion for testing the HDD than running it on an externally powered enclosure? It was hooked up this way for 3 weeks with no issues, so I still wonder how it could be the HDD. Isn't it more likely that something is wonky with the PSU?


I am open to more suggestions/input.

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It may also be pertinent to add (sorry I forgot to mention this) that I am not actually running any software on the 1TB Seagate drive. My OS and all applications, including the ones that put a strain on the system (noted above), are on the WD drive. The 1TB drive is just a data drive that houses a lot of large files. I just wanted to make it an internal drive for the faster transfer rates. While I am running these programs it shouldn't be actually accessing that drive for anything, though I know it will still be powering it.


Also, to clarify: when I said it was hooked up "this way" for 3 weeks... I meant externally in the enclosure.


I checked the PSU finder, and although it didn't list my exact CPU or GPU (The CPU is a Phenom II X4, it only listed Phenom II and Phenom X4 separately... the 955 Deneb is the latest AMD CPU so it might just not be added yet, and the GPU is actually a GTS 250... it only lists GTX250)... I did pick the closest ones. The largest one it recommends is a 550w... and even said that a smaller one would suffice.


I am utterly confused.

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Well, I think I may have fixed the problem. It looks like it might not have been the PSU or the HDD. I switched the HDD to the second SATA power cable (which is sharing with the ROM).. but while I was moving the cables around I unhooked the cable that was powering the GPU/Fan. It was a conversion cable that came with the GPU... and I realized that one of the wires was loose. Luckily this PSU has the same type of plug so I just plugged it straight into the GPU and threw out the loose adapter.


So far, two days of strenuous activity with no crashes. I will give it a few more days and post any updates.

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