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PSU + New Graphic Card


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I want to buy a new graphic card (ASUS GTX-295), but my PSU don't have the needed cables.

ASUS GTX-295 requires one 6-pin cable and one 8-pin cable.

My PSU has only got two 6-pin cables.


Can I work-around the problem in order to make it work, without having to buy a new PSU?


I was thinking of a bad solution, but I don't know if it works:


My two 6-pin +

two 4-pin, converted into one 6-pin =

three 6-pin


Convert two 6-pin into one 8-pin

= one 6-pin, one 8-pin


Would this work?

Will it cause any problems? (Give enough Volt/Watt/Ampere, whatever.)

Are there even such converters available?


If all else fails, what Corsair PSU should I get for this system?

Preferably a modular one, with at least one 8-pin cable.


Thanks in advance.

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