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TW3X4G1333C9DHX - XMP Profile 1 ?


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Hi Guys,


I'm having a Asus P5Q3 and Intel Q6600 processor, I'm trying to find the XMP Profile on the Bios, but when I select the XMP in Ai OverClocking Tuner, I couldnt find where the Profile 1 or 2 is?


Any advise would be helpful? Sorry for this as I'm a newbie in this.

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On my CPU-Z, it shows this..


and I'm pretty sure my RAM supports XMP correct?

But strange thing is, on my Asus P5Q3 BIOS - Ai Overclocking Tuner - set to XMP, the eXtreme Memory Profile shows [Disable].


Does my RAM need to sit on Slot#1 and Slot#3 ? Currently it is sitting at slot#2 and #4.


Anyone can help explain pls ?

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