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board not getting enough power from TX650W 12v rail


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I've just recently purchased a TX650 PSU together with a new Zotac GTX 260 graphics card. They are not part of a new build, but an upgrade on an existing one, if that matters. I'm not a complete beginner, i've replaced components before but this was my first time replacing a PSU. I did everything the manual says to do, removed my old PSU, installed the new TX650 and connected everything up. I booted up and everything seemed to be working ok. After a couple of hours I got this sudden BSOD, I can't remember exactly what it was but it had "page" and "kernel" in the description. Now each time I boot up an error comes up during the POST. It says something like "Hardware Monitoring Error, please check temperatures/fans/voltages in Setup". When I go into BIOS and check the voltages, they are in the normal range except for the 12v. It fluctuates between approximately 9.3v and 11v. The number appears in red, which indicates there is a problem. I think I read that the normal range is within 5% of the voltage, so for 12v the reading should be between 11.4v and 12.6v.


Also, while this is happening the fan on my gtx 260 starts off spinning fast, while the voltage reading is showing at 11v. Then it slows down to a snail pace when the reading reaches 9.3v. Like it's not able to draw enough power. A similar thing happens with my hard drives, they just stop. I can get into windows, but after a couple of minutes it just freezes. I can hear the hard drive coming to a stop when this happens.


Is it likely to be the PSU causing the problem or the motherboard? I would be surprised if its the PSU, seeing as it's brand new and I only took it out the box today and installed it. My board is less than 2 years old as well. Not really sure what else to add. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or need more info.

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