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Got my Corsair H50 installed today (pics)


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Looks great and fits great in my case (300 Illusion). Push pull config with Corsair and 3 speed fan.

The 3 speed fans (front, top, & back) are all on medium and it's WAY quieter than the old OEM cooler.

I have the rear radiator & front 120's as the intake and the PSU/top 140/side 120 as the exhaust.

AS5 spread evenly on the lapped CPU is the compound. Installation was a breeze.





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Honestly, I don't really know of a good program to be using for that kind stuff - so I haven't gotten a chance to load it or take good readings.

My ASUS MB came with AMD Overdrive and PC Probe II.


Idle/Load used to be around 34/40 on the stock cooler. Now, PC Probe says 33/39 but AMD Overdrive says 23/28. I'm not sure which to believe, especially since both programs read all 3 cores as the same number all the time - like they are not true readings. That and the fact that it I doubt 23 is possible when the room is 23.


Truthfully, I won't know until I discover something that can log true core temperatures and something that can do stress tests. \


The only thing I can say is that whatever the outcome, it's not for lack of thermal paste. I tried that "rice grain sized" dot of AS5 and it covered the CPU like a 200# chick wearing a g-string. :sigh!: Spreading it uber thin with a razor took a good amount more than a rice sized dot.

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