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Keep getting told "By the end of this week..."

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I submitted a rebate in early April, and it was suppose to have come to me by July 18th at the latest. I kept getting told it had been mailed to me and I should have it any day. Then suddenly I was told Visa had a delay and in fact they HAD NOT mailed it to me (who knows why they kept insisting they had before then) but I'd certainly have it by the end of July. July ends - I call again, they insist they had mailed it finally; they tell me they'll remail it. I call every week and keep getting told "No, it hasn't been mailed out yet. It should be by the end of the week." Over and over. Each week getting a little more annoyed at hearing it again I finally asked who is mailing it out if you guys aren't - "Ask Corsair. We're just the rebate company. We just approve you or not, we don't mail it."


The tracking number is 14665256 and it was a Zipzoomfly rebate.

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