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2x bricked GPU...is it my 620HX?


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After about 1.5 years of perfect usage, my video card dies on me suddenly (After hibernation, no video is seen on the screen at all, no POST...putting in a new video card resolves the issue). I RMA'd and got a new video card, which worked fine for about 1 month, then while playing a computer game gave me a BSOD, restarted, and upon reentering the video card is disabled by the drivers (reinstalling drivers several times did not fix it). I want to know if this could be due to my 620HX PSU, or if I simply am having getting bad luck with video cards.


For the first 1.5 years video card:

9800 GX2


For second crash:

9800 GX2

+ 9500 GT (non sli, just to power 2nd monitor. This card does not require a direct PSU hookup)


Thanks for the help.

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I think the PSU is the problem. Nvidia recommends a min. 580W PSU for the 9800 GX2, and you have a 620W PSU. But you additionally have an overclocked CPU, VelociRaptor HDD, Soundcard and another GPU, so I think, that it's just too much.


This card does not require a direct PSU hookup

It consumes power directly from the PCI-Express 2.0 slot. If I remember rightly, it could use max. 75W from the PCI-Slot. The 9500GT should consume about 40W - 70W, let's say 55W. So, thats about (580W + 55W) 635W, which should be reserved just for the GPUs. But, like I told before, you are also using other, very power consuming hardware. So, the 620W might not be enough.


What you could try:

- Remove the 9500GT

- Remove any CD, DVD, Blu-Ray or HD-DVD drives (disconnecting SATA / Molex power cables should be enough)

- Reset CPU clocks (3.0GHz) and undervolt it (1.1V - 1.2V should be enough)

- Try to boot up the system safely

- If it doesn't work, try to remove 2 DDR2 RAM Modules (if you have 4 installed, if not, skip this step)

- Remove 9800 GX2 and reinstall 9500GT, try if it works now

- If no step really helped you, try a more powerful PSU; above 750W (from friends, relations etc.)


Best regards,


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