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Partitioning for TrueCrypt


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I would also like to partition my drive, the reason is to use TrueCrypt Traveller Mode with a single large volume.


I would like a small partition, say 500Mb, which is formatted FAT32 and has TrueCrypt traveller installed (plus some temp space for other stuff). This will allow use on non-windows systems.


The remaining space is to be a single truecrypt volume. If the whole drive is FAT32 then the truecrypt volume must be a file-hosted volume and is limited to 4Gb.


If I can partition the drive, the entire second partition can be used for a partition-hosted TrueCrypt volume. The second partition doesn't need to be detected by Windows, only by TrueCrypt driver.


The only alternative is to format the entire drive as NTFS but this limits my usage to Windows XP/Vista systems.


Hope someone can suggest a solution.

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