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Asus Maximus Forumula. 6 or 8 gigs of RAM??


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Hello all,


I'm writing since I am utterly confused about what memory I should get and how much. I'm currently running XP 32 bit, but I'm upgrading to Vista Ultimate 64 bit in the next few days. The mobo maxes out at 8 gigs.


I currently have 2 gigabytes of GSKILL memory in my pc, with a E6750 Core 2 DUO cpu.


I'd like to upgrade, for performance, since I'm always actively using Adobe Web Design Premium, with Photoshop. cs4. Also, I'd like to upgrade my memory for the new Vista 64 bit OS.


I'm confused about how dual-channel works. Would it work, if I had 1 pair of 2 gig modules =, and another pair of 1 gig modules correclty aligned in the mobo setup? Dual-Channel support has always eluded me. If they all have to be the same size, what about, 4 modules of 2 gigs ?


Not sure what product to look for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks again!:confused:

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