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RMA status?

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Hi, I mailed my memory for a RMA 2 weeks ago and the website still says:

Defective Parts Received on: Defective Parts Not Yet Received

It should have arrived by now I'm sure, so I wanted to know if the case just hasn't been updated, or if it actually hasn't arrived yet.


Would be great to get a reply, since I can't use my computer during this time and I am wondering if I should buy some new memory if it isn't arrived...


I sent this question to http://tsxpress.corsairmemory.com/ yesterday too but I didn't get any reply.


Case #1067750

RMA #1118661

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No I don't have a tracking number unfortunately. It said shipping to western europe 3-4 days.

I emailed the the postage company just now to ask about it, but I doubt they can help me. I will just hope it arrives in the next week I guess. ^^



Also one of your stickies on the forum has a different address to the one I given when I completed my RMA request:


Where I sent it:

Attn: Returns Department

Corsair Memory BV

Tunerstraat 3, 1322CB

Almere, The Netherlands

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