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HX1000W question


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Bought my 1000HX today and its a beauty ($274.00). I am still unpacking all I bought so no performance issues and I don't expect any,espically if it is the same or better quality as my 850TX (which is also beautiful).


Strange thing, I had to put my foot down with my retailer,he kept insisting on me getting another 850,doesn't he know the customer is always right?


I know I am only a water cooled 955 BE Oc with a single 285 GPU but this forum convinced me I need to build in some room for expansion.


Well this machine is going down for awhile,I am transfering all the guts to a 4U server case.


Decided on the ASUS M4A79T Delux over the CrossHair Formula III,the reason,CrossHair is too new,the Delux is a known product.

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