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TX850W failing?


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RIG Setup



EVGA 790i Ultra

2 GTX 260's SLI

4gb DDR3 Corsair

Corsair TX-850 PSU

5 Seagate HD's

Hauppauge TV tuner

Vista 64


The entire rig is about 1 year old except for the CPU. While the PC is idleing or doing very little its fine. When I play supreme commander, sins of a solar empire or anything that requires some hardware usage, the system instantly restarts after a few minutes into the game. I get no BSOD it just restarts instantly. Which is why I think the PSU is the problem. Its as if the PC just restarts itself. I've forgot to turn on my vid fans all the way, and when those overheated they typically turn the screen into 1 color or multiple colors and then it just hangs. My problem is the computer just restarts.



I down clocked everything right now and am running prime 95, which has been fine now for 5 mins. I'm wondering if its the amperage draw of both gtx 260's killed the psu. I've had both vid cards and the same psu since around January of this year.



I'm heading out now, so I'm leaving prime 95 on and will see if it still running when I get back.


I might need to find a benchmark that utilizes the vid cards and run those and see if the system instantly reboots.


I do knotice that speedfan v 4.39 shows my +12v as being only 9.35v. I wonder if thats a software glitch or if thats actually what my 12v rail is running. I have a digital volt meter. Whats the easiest and most accurate way to test the 12v rail with out tearing my pc apart.



CPU temp when playing is around 55c, and both gtx 260's average between 70c-75c bottom vid car being usually a few degrees hotter. Those specs are all within the thermal limits.

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