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TX750 general overheating problems

Good Doctor

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Problem: Upon booting my three harddrives, my south bridge, and my north bridge all begin to overheat. The sensors for my CPU and motherboard remain in at acceptable levels and my PSU itself is not overheating.


History Summary: Motherboard southbridge overheated, sent motherboard in for RMA. Received repaired motherboard and at the same time changed PSU to TX750. No problems for the next month until motherboard again would not boot. Received new motherboard (same model) from RMA and immediately began to receive overheating problems listed.


Long story: Asus P5B-Deluxe motherboard began to have overheating on southbridge as long as PSU (non-corsair) had power, booting was not required for overheating. After a short period the motherboard stopped booting entirely. I was looking at adding harddrives and the old PSU was at limits, bought TX750. Motherboard still would not boot, still had overheating problems, sent it in for RMA.


Motherboard came back repaired from RMA had no issues for about a month upon which it would had no heating issues, but would no longer boot. Sent in for second RMA.


About a month ago, received new board (same model) from RMA. Immediately upon installing the motherboard began to have the overheating problems listed. At some point my boot drive has been fried, but the larger hardware issue remains.



Right now I'm trying to figure out what is causing this issue. As everything coincided with replacing the motherboard would make me suspect the motherboard, the harddrives overheating would make me suspect the PSU. I would like to identify what is causing this overheating problem, or at least rule out the PSU as a culpret.

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