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Request for an RMA please


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Hi RamGuy,

I would use the online form but my part no. is not listed.


I've been using my modules for just over a year trouble free, a couple of days ago i started getting random lockups. So i removed one stick and everything was fine, put that stick back in and went to remove the other to find the heatspreader was loose and barely stuck on.

I haven't run memtest on this module so i don't know if its faulty or just due to overheating because of the hs not making contact properly.


many thanks

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Hi Ram Guy,

I received my new set about a month ago and all seemed to be fine. However, as i've been using a different mobo since the replacement i only got round to installing them yesterday.

They work fine but they don't have XMP which the set i rma'd did have.

I looked up the part on corsairs website and now none of the XMS3 kits have XMP support. Is this something they removed from later revisions or a typo?

I have the Asus P5Q3 deluxe mobo which is very picky about ram at best, so it was always nice to have XMP which always guarantied to boot.

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