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Input voltage regulations


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Hello guys



I am from india and i am thinking about building a system.. My uncle will be getting me a Classified board from US,but i ran into this problem... It seems the ppl at amazon.com had told my uncle that the board wont work in India due to 220 input voltage and the Classified needed 110v... I know the Input voltage is 110V over there but I thougt PSU's took care of that problem???


I mean look at this.. In the corsair 1000hx manual it says


"Auto switching circuitry provide universal AC input 90-264V" on it.. So technically the board must function anywhere in the world right???. The psu must be able it step down the voltage right?? I am sorry if this seems to be a silly question but I really need to be sure because it costs 900$$ here .


It all depends on u guys!!!! if this is cleared my uncle could order it!!!!

I only use Corsair memory and Corsair Psu's(BEST STABILITY!!!)



Thanks in advance!!!

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The suggestion your uncle got from amazon.com is incorrect. The PSU accepts AC input from 90-264V; therefore, it will work great in India too. The function of PSU is to take AC input and convert it into what the motherboard requires.
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