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TWIN2X4096-8500C5D + Asus P5K issues running dual channel


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ok think this might be the right spot for this. Sorry if it isn't


Interesting one. Had my machine BSOD after a stable overlock for 2 weeks, stating - Memory Management error.



Steps taken so far:

Reset BIOS


Same relogging into Windows. Also noticed some artifacting on screen.


Memtest both stick of ram.. system restarts within 4%. Everytime.


Pulled one stick out


Machine takes 2 goes to start up.. Lights fans etc all start up for 2 secs... lights go off.. 4 seconds later.. lights all come back on. Machine boots to memtest iso


Memtest single sticks - Pass on both sticks. Cold boot always results in the machine making two attempts at powering up, regardless of ram configuration.


Put old ram in machine.(4 x 1g Corsair 6400)


Machine takes two attempts to power up.


Memtest - instant restart at about 4%


Memtest single 1g sticks - Pass on all 4 sticks.


soooo.... This cold boot issue is new. It didn't occur when I first put the GTX295 in, but I did notice the post funky asus logo take awhile to draw, something it never did on the 8800gtx.


Pretty sure it isn't a RAM issue, sticks are passing on single sticks, failing on dual sticks. (or 4 sticks of the old stuff)


I have still posted this here though in case someone thinks it is a ram config issue.


I'm wondering if the PSU is dying in the butt, would explain the dodgy cold boot issue.


Also suspecting the memory controller on the motherboard, but I am unsure how that works exactly. Is this something that can fail, and could my overclocking activities have caused it?


Does booting into Memtest from an ISO cd still access the mtf of the primary hard drive, and if that is faulty could that cause an issue, should I have the harddrives removed before memtesting?


Should I try the other 6pin and 8pin connectors on the PSU on the gfx card, is it possible I am overloading one side of it?


Any advice would be welcome.


Of interest, after all this happened and I swore at the computer, it booted back into Win 7 and is currently behaving itself nicely...

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Its gremlins, well that would suggest there may be something failing on the MB, if I understand what you posted so far. But to be sure if you can I would suggest testing the memory and CPU on another system. But if not I would check for the latest BIOS from the MB maker and then go from there. A power problem could cause this type of anomaly but you would normally be having some other type of Voltage warnings or errors related to power.
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