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RMA Replacement hasnt come after 21 days

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one of my Corsair RAM gave me a BSOD, so I fill out an RMA form online and received an RMA # 1115201 on the 14th of July 2009.


I posted the RAM on the same day and since I dont live in the states, they received the RAM on the 24th of July 2009.


than after 12 days of waiting and didnt hear or received any email, on the 5th of August 2009 I sent an email to warranty@corsairmemory.com asking about the RMA replacement and below is the reply that I received on the 6th of August2009.


"We are sorry to see you are experiencing problems with a Corsair product. Your RMA inquiry has been received and is being processed. We consider your request to be of the utmost importance and will respond as quickly as possible however, please allow up to 24hrs for processing. Please submit your request only once. If you have waited longer than 24hr for a reply, please contact our Customer Service at: 1-888-222-4346 or 1-510-657-8747 x0."


and I havent heard or received any more Email since.


It is not worth it for me to call Customer Service at: 1-888-222-4346 or 1-510-657-8747 x0 as I can purchased a new RAM with the cost call to the States from where I am.


here is the printscreen of my Case



can anybody comment or advice on how long is the average waiting time to get a RAM replacement (excluding the posting time) ? Thanks




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RAM Replacement received today !!

Thanks very much to Corsair


havent had a chance to test it tho and I wish Corsair used other company instead of UPS who charge me a fee when delivered the goods :(

anyway .. I am quite happy with Corsair warranty service and will keep using the product.

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If you were charged a fee I would let Customer service know so this does not happen again. =)



yes Mr RAM GUY, I did get charged a fee by UPS

so what cost me to post the bad one and to received a replacement is almost the same as getting a new RAM here.

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