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5 days, still waiting on an RMA


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I recently had my comp fixed and was told one stick of my CMX1024-3200C2PT XMS dual channel ram set was bad. I came to the Corsair site, downloaded the memtest tool, and it failed. I submitted an RMA request on 8-15-08. Upon filling out the info, the screen said that a shipping label would be on the next page, wich I could use to return the item once I had an RMA. This did not happen, though I was given a case #1078055 and was told that somone would be in contact with me within 24-48 hours. It's been 5 days...well, only counting 3 since the 15th was Saturday. But 3 days is past 48 hours, so I felt I should come here and post about it. I work during the day, and I don;t have available time off to call the number. Anyways, any help is appreciate. Thank you very much.

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