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HX850W load distribution


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Hi, I am installing a HX850W PSU for use in a server with an Intel S5000PSL motherboard and 10 x WD RE4-GP 2TB drives.


My first problem was that the mobo requires a 4x2 12v power plug and a 2x2 12v power plug.

The HX850W comes with the 4x2, but not a 2x2. I contacted support to ask for an extra 2x2, but was told this is not available.

I would gladly have have swapped the 6, yes 6, PCI-E cables for a wider variety of modo power cables.

I found a 1x4 to 2x2 converter plug at my local PC supplies store, problem solved.


The 10 drives are in a SATA drive cage, 3 drives, 3 drives, 4 drives, that is powered by 4 1x4 power plugs, the old style power plugs, not SATA power plugs.


I can use one of the cables from the PSU and plug all 4 plugs into that one cable.

Or I can run 4 cables from the PSU and power each plug directly from the PSU.


My questions is how to power these drives.


Are the plugs on the PSU all connected to one another, or does each plug have its own power feed circuit?

I.e. am I spreading the PSU load by using 4 different cables, or am I just making a cabling mess without any added value?




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PTR, I have the 850TX (no modular) and also find overkill in the 6 PCI-E area and a omission in the 4X2 or 2X2 area.


Can't speak about the load distribution.


I suspect a comment along the lines of "your P/S is not designed for server boad power connection requirements"


The 4X2 can be used on a 2x2 plug but that doesn't help you when you also need a 4x2.

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