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Warranty seal in Corsair's product in Indonesia


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I bought Corsair Voyager 8GB yesterday. I bought it from Mal Taman Palem, Cengkareng, Jakarta. (I wrote the place on purpose so if any Indonesian reader read this they would know) :D:


It does not have a problem with the product. The product it self is great - unless the warranty seal location. It's just that in Indonesia only use the seal warranty sticked on every product we buy. I buy goods in Singapore and Germany but did not find a seal warranty sticker like this. It's really annoying and make the product's appearance looks bad. :mad:


The question is:

This warranty seal sticked on the rubber. If the seal is broken because of the weakened ability to stick will I lose warranty? And where I have to claim this item if damaged? :(:


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I have no idea why sopmeone would put a warranty sticker there (unless it's a law there). That's just a rubber shell. The closest Corsair RMA depot to you would be in Taiwan.


I'd await an official response from Corsair, but I'm fairly sure that sticker has nothing to do with their warranty.

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Thank you very much for your quick reply. :biggrin:


I don't know either if there any law to make seller put warranty seal on every product they sell. Yeah~ It's just a rubber shell, but not like plastic or any other material, rubber is elastic. So I affraid the warranty seal get loose. :(:


I hope what you said is right that that sticker has nothing to do with their warranty. ;):

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As long as you have a authentic Corsair flash Drive and return it directly to us for a replacement within the 10 year warranty period then I would not worry about it at all. To make sure you might want to get a hold of our warranty Dept. and ask them directly at 888-222-4346 and dial "0", (510) 657-8747 or email rmaservice@corsairmemory.com.
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Hi all ..

as far as I know, Indonesian distributors would only take care the warranty for the goods that they are distributed, even though the goods has an international warranty.


so to identified the goods that they are distributed, they put some sort of sticker on every single item.

items that hasnt got their sticker is classified as BM (Black Market)

in the case that the sticker is damaged or missing, your item become BM and you can only claim the warranty straight to the manufacturer.

(if you still have the receipt, you may try going back to the store that you purchased the item and ask them to take care of the warranty instead of dealing with the manufacturer yourself)




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