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Limit temperature for a TX750W?


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Hi everyone.


I bought a tx750w last year, because i changed a hd2600 by two hd 4670.


I have no problem until last month, now my computer reboot when he wants.


I chek :

- Virus/trojan/rootkit -> nothing

- Malware -> nothing

- temperature (CPU/GPU/HDD) -> nothing

- hdd failure -> nothing in the smart data.


The last thing i change is the memory (change 2 Gb for 8 Gb), this was three months ago. I don't install a new program since my last format (5 month ago), except update for windows and web-browser.


So, i would like to know if there is a limit temperature, like the one for cpu (ie, if the PSU's temprature is more than 80°c, the PSU stops).



Thank's in advance for your replies,



ps: sorry for my bad english ;)

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Thank's for your answer, but I think, the ram is not the problem.


I change all the 4 stick by my "old" one (xms2 cm2x1024-6400 *2) and still got the issue. So it still might be a moterboard issue (one ram slot id dieing)...


About the voltage, I got :

+3.3v -> 3.31

+12v -> 12.45

CPU -> 1.25

+5V -> 5.08

vbat -> 3.07

dimm -> 1.87


About memtest, can it check more than 4 Gb in dos mode ?


I'll do some tests during the weekend (test one stick in each slot, test each stick in the same slot, ...)

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Since you ask if the PSU has a temperature limit, is it running hot? PSUs usually have a temperature cutoff limit, which causes the whole system to just shut off.


Your voltages are within limits, even though BIOS might still give skewed readings. Lack of power shouldn't be the issue though, the two HD4670s will use less than 100W both together.


So you should indeed check your individual components as you suggest.

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  • 1 month later...

The PSU is the responsible for this matters.


Tests i've done :

- Change HDD : still the issue.

- Change RAM : still the issue.

- Got another PSU in my system for one week : no more issue :D

- Give my PSU to a friend (one week change) : he got my issue.


So i think, I'll fill in a RMA request.

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