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PC8500 C5 running at 533Mhz not 1066Mhz


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Hi people, Sorry to bother you


I just upgraded my PCs CPU and GPU, I know that before doing so I had specially set my Dominator PC28500 C5 to run at 800Mhz with Cas 4-5-5-12 timings.


After upgrading the CPU It seems to have downgraded my Ram. In the bios It is unlinked and set to 800Mhz (I realize I could set it to 1066) but CPU Z shows that its running at 400Mhz, If I set it to 1066 it shows 533Mhz.


Is there some kind of multiplier that this new CPU has set in place because according to the bios its running at the set speeds but in CPU-Z it shows this cut in half.


I have uploaded a picture to show this. Strangely it says the max bandwidth is PC6400 (400Mhz)



here's some more CPU-z pics



the CPU I just added is a E8400 at 3Ghz (333 x 9) on 1333 FSB. I just don't understand how this could happen just changing the CPU.


Thanks if you can help.

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400 is 800 and 533 is 1066 (double data rate)

2nd pic, middle window, where it says DRAM frequency, thats where 533 should show if you are running at full DDR1066.

the RAMs JEDEC or default is DDR800, you must overclock the RAM to reach the Enhanced Performance Profile (EPP) if the settings in the BIOS will not do it automatically.

fwiw on one of my boxes i have to run the 333/800 divider to get DDR960 IIRC because 333/667 was unstable. (i do have the CPU 2.4@3.75 so i feel no loss of bandwidth or performance.

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So somthing in the CPU is multiplying it by 2?. CPU-Z used to say 800Mhz its only after I added this new CPU that it shows this value in half.


I carnt actully run the ram at 1066 becayse the MOBO does not support it so thats why I run it at 800 with lower timmings (4-5-5-12 Which i didnt set at the time of taking the pics.)


Thanks anyway. The performance is fine. I trust the Bios that it says 800Mhz.


If you could ecplain why I previously would have seen 800Mhz in CPUz and now only 400Mhz that would be great as I would like to understand why it would do that :)



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