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Hello everyone, my set-up is not in the list of choices so I will pose a question. ASUS M4A78T-E Anthlon X2 250 (60)W onboard video in a 4U server chassis with a optical drive and a RAID card and 4 Segate Baracuda's 7200.11


I have a 850TX already but for one it is not modular and the 4U I can get a good deal on does not have good cable management and 850W is probably excessive.


I feel the 520HX would be fine. I inputed the closest set-up I could and it spit the 520 out,does it sound good?


This 4U chassis can take 12" by 13' MB EATX and that is a very possible upgrade in a year. This means 2CPU's.


Because of this should I just make the best of the messy extra cables and use the 850TX,my gut says yes.


The 4U server chassis is set up to take a P/S of the 850's size.

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