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Is my MOBO killing my RAM?


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Hello all.


First time poster, long time lurker here. Ive been motivated to post as I would like some help before I RMA my second set of RAM.


Within the last 2 months I recieved a replacement set of Dominator TWIN2x4096-8500C5D5 after one stick failed. In the past week I have been having some fun with blue screens and seemingly random system lock ups. The BSOD messages have mostly been PFN_LIST_CORRUPT and PAGE FAULT IN NON PAGED AREA. I ran the windows 7 memory test, and this was passed. I then ran Eurosofts PC check, which failed instantly on the stress test (identifying RAM as the cause) and I then tested the DIMMs themselves and indeed an error was found in one of them.


Due to the nature of the BSOD messages, I was at first leaning towards a corrupt OS, and so I reinstalled windows 7, but the prroblem persisted. I have been unable to force a failure, and the lock ups/BSODs continue, without a pattern that is clear to me. The one program I run that is guaranteed to lock up though, interestingly, is World of Wacraft (lucky I dont play it much these days :laughing:), so presumably this game is utilising the area where my error lies. The fact that the Lock ups/BSODS mostly happen watching videos/playing games led me to believe my GPU was at fualt, but I swapped cards with a friend, and the errors went on unabated.


My system is running all at stock speeds, with the RAM in dual channel mode 400mhz. (I prefer the dual channel 800 to single channel 1066, as is the limitation of my CPU).


Id list my spec here, but its against the rules I believe? Its in my details anyway.


My question is, am I just unlucky in recieving two bad RAM kits? or is it possible my MoBo is somehow frying them? Bear in mind the last kit to fail, I was running xp64 OS, while now it is happening in Windows 7.


I would really like to get to the bottom of this, and any help you can offer me in identifying the fault would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance

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