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HX520W squeal


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I recently swapped my ATI 4850 out with a 260 GTX (as I had problems with the 4850), and since then I've experianced slight squeals on rare occassions. I have them happen when doing Furmark, and then doing something stressful in games (such as Oblivion, and apparently opening a book inside oblivion is really stressful).


I know that my system is not really built the proffessional way, nor is a very top proffessional system, but I've seen loads of other people with the same problem so I do not believe it is how my system is set up. I am a computer intermediate; I can open up and change components, know how most of them work and I have an alright knowledge of the different products and brands, but I am unable to build my own computer from scratch.


I've tried disabling EIST inside BIOS (I could not find C1E) as suggested by a french guy on this very board, which did not work.


The squeal I get is quite similar to this:



I have a pretty tight budget, but I should be able to buy a new part or two if needed, and I have plenty of hours to fiddle with my computer available.


If anyone can help me in any way, it is so incredibly appreciated.


Thanks a lot in advance :)

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Hi again.


I've been told that the squeal is because the machine is stressed (and it only happens when I stress it), which seems pretty logical to me.


The squeal/whine on my machine is very very very low, and it doesn't really bother me especially because it's under a table.


I'm just curious, does a tiny little squeal make any harm? If no, I really don't mind it.



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