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Asus P5Q Pro Turbo + TWIN2X4096-8500C5D issue


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Hi guys,

I have just built my first PC and the specs are below. Just having a bit of an issue with the ram.


In the beginning I had both of the sticks in my PC but for some reason it would not boot up, all the components were powered up but my monitor was blank.


I then googled the problem and read somewhere it may be the ram, so I removed one of the sticks and booted up and it worked. I then went into the BIOS and changed the DRAM frequency, timing and voltage to what the ram is (DDR2 1066mhz, 5-5-5-15 and 2.1v).


The PC was working fine for the rest of the day. I leave my PC on all day/night and after 2 hours the PC goes into 'sleep' mode, when I woke up this morning I tried to use my PC and it wouldn't come out of sleep mode. I could hear the HDD kick into gear but no response from the monitor.


I turned off my PC and then got the message "Overclock failed, press F1 to go to setup or F2 to restore default settings"... I'm not actually overclocking my PC, all components are running on default settings. Turned the PC off and back on and it booted up fine.


This afternoon coming home from work again the PC did not get out of sleep mode. When I turned off my PC and back on again it didn't boot up. Had the same problem I had initially.


So I repeated everything I did above and even used the ASUS software to update to the latest BIOS and it seems to be working fine again... but I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow!


At the moment the frequency and voltage are set to "Auto" and only the timing is on manual.


Does anyone have any ideas to fix this? As I want to have the confidence to leave PC on all day and not have to worry about my PC not working... espcially if I have to constantly do the above every time.


When I put my old ram in it works fine... even out of sleep mode.


I don't think it's a overheating issue as my system is running pretty cool at 21c.


Sorry for the long post but I'd thought I would give as much info as possible and hopefully someone can help me... :(


Is there a problem if I was to run the ram at 800 instead of 1066?

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Last night both ram sticks were working, so instead of keeping my PC on all night I decided to turn it off.


Woke up this morning and turned on the PC and it would not boot. All components are turned on but monitor stays blank. Tried to power on and off a few times and still wouldn't work.


Had to open up my tower and pulled out one of the ram sticks, and it booted up.


Seems to boot fine with 1 stick but when I have both in it has problems. Both of them work by themselves and all ram ports work.


Please help me... :(

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