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RAID Level 0 /w 4 x 256GB SSD ?

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I did 3 P128's in RAID 0 and found the scaling to be very good for sequential reads and writes. Random reads and writes didn't provide as much of a performance boost. All in all it performed very well, but I was just doing the testing while I had the three drives together. I purchased them for other purposes.


You will absolutely need a good RAID controller card. I used the Adaptec 5445 with 512mb cache. The Intel ICH10R onboard controller couldn't handle it.

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Thanks for your replies.


We'll have to check what kind of controller Apple mounts in their

Mac Pro series. They're not overly informative on that issue but

the SSDs they offer with it are out of this world (concerning the

price/performance ratio).


We'll report as soon as we know more...

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