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memory compatibility


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Hi guys,


Can some one help me with this issue.

My M/board is an msi p965 neo V1.11, with updated bios version (w7235IMS v1.11 061308). processor p4 3.4g 200x17 1mb cache.


Corsair ram 2x4096-8500c5d, ram specs are, jedec 5-5-5-18 values@ 800mhz,(voltage not represented) and EPP 5-5-5-15 values @1066mhz 2.1v.


My MB Bios settings for ram timings are limited to 5-5-5-15 (cannot select -18) cannot run values for 800mhz operation?.


I looked up Corsairs mother board (p965 neo) lab performance report ref no 190221 which shows the value of 5-5-5-18 using (2x4096-6400C5 @ 800mhz 1.8v).


crashing often, please help.



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