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TR3X3G2000C7GTF Assistance Required


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Hello Everyone!,


This is my first post so I don't want to appear to be a total newb at this. I am really new to overclocking just to let everyone know, but I am very familiar with computers and all that good stuff, so anyways, please keep reading. So I was lucky enough to get my hands on a trio of TR3X3G2000C7GTF :D:. I setup my system and everything is running tickety-boo. I then set my bios to XMP and it automatically setup everything the way it is supposed to be. 7-8-7-20 running at 2006Mhz :cool:. My system then got very hot :eek: when playing any video games, so I bought the Mugen 2 CPU Fan :biggrin:. The Mugen 2 is a monster of a heatsink, wow!... Anyways, my system temperature now does not exceed 65 Celsius, even under the most heaviest of load.


The Problem : when playing Grand Theft Auto 4. Every time, about 30 minutes into the game, the computer will not totally freeze, but something will definitely be not right, it will sort-of-freeze (the music will continue to play and the hard drives will continue to click along as if it is thinking hard but the game itself is frozen) and it takes all my patience to hit ctrl-alt-delete and try and hit alt-e to end the program, or hit my power button on the case and try and shut the computer down (sometimes up to 5 minutes when this problem occurs, normally takes about 20 seconds, but when this problem occurs, then it will take a very long time). When the computer finally reboots, it says my overclocking settings have failed :(:. It puts me back into the bios. Is the ram temperature getting too hot? Do I need to invest in a liquid cooler for the ram? Ummm..... I honestly don't have any idea what the problem could be, I just want the ram to be running the way it was meant to be run (Corsair standards of course). I have not overclocked my CPU at all, all settings are standard just the ram is set to XMP. If someone can point me in the correct direction, that would be much appreciated.


PS: And yes, I have put two screws in the video card holes since this picture was taken. HEHEHEEH. i love my dominator GT ram... and fan, don't forget the fan... :D:


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Hello All,


I just installed a program called "Asus SmartDoctor v5.38" and what it does is monitor and adjust the fan for the video card based ofcourse on how hot is is at the present time. Now, I beleive my freezing problem is over. Is it possible that this could be the solution to my problems?


I will keep you all updated to the situation.




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Well :[pouts:, so when I play any cpu/memory/video card intense game like GTA4 or something along those lines... and have the in-game-settings on max (8xAA and all that good stuff... ), it will play for about 30 minutes or so, give or take 10 minutes, and then crash(the sound will play, the video will jerk for one second and then the picture will freeze/distorted color in different places. If I hit the power button the computer will eventually shut down, so the computer is not totally frozen but it is sooo close/very unstable). I thought it was a fan problem associated with the video card however, I set the fans on max and have kept my CPU hovering around 60°C, well below the 67°C. My GPU was well within norms staying at about 50°C. The only temperature that I can not monitor is my ram... is it possible that my ram is overheating? My room temp is about 28°C, I live in Japan, so the summer gets hot.


Or should I increase the volts somewhere? Change a setting or two? What could it be? If my computer is cooler, would it be stable? I have GIANT fans in my system, they are all on MAX..... i just.. i donno, any ideas? :brick:


I am sorry for all of these questions, but I am lost. :confused:




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All right, so I went into my BIOS and enabled something called Asus Q-FAN, I also read in the manual that the "Power" fan plug-in which is where my super awesome Dominator GT ram cooler :D: is plugged into is the only fan plug-in on my motherboard that "Asus Q-FAN" does not control. The manual recommends that one first use Chassis Fan 2 and then 1, so I plugged the Dominator DDR3 Airflow Fan :D: into the Chassis Fan 2 plug-in and enabled "Asus Q-FAN" and set Chassis Fan 2 to "Turbo Mode", things became allot more stable after that, the fan was spinning at 4000RPM :cool: it says from 2500RPM. Also.... I went into playing GTA4 and I played it for at least 45 minutes and things were going great... then all of a sudden, the game flinched once, the screen jerked a little, so I quickly switched back to desktop. The CPU temp was sitting at 60C, the MB temp at 50C and my fans were spinning nicely, then I noticed something odd, my video card temp said -25C or something like that and "Asus SmartDoctor" said that my video card fan has failed!!!! The fan for my video card was still spinning however because something has definitely failed, my guess is the software, the fan had spun down and now the video card was getting very hot, and since the temperature monitoring was not working during this event that’s when not my computer will freeze, well only my video will freeze, I can still hit the power button and attempt to shut down my computer. So, I rebooted my computer and everything was fine again. I think when I go and play GTA4, I am not going to enable "SmartCooling", I am just going to set the 295GTX to absolute max fan and then play. I will keep you guys apprised of the situation.


I set the memory profile to XMP, does XMP interfere with the PCI-E slot at all? Are these two things possibly related? :confused:




**EDIT** - 1:57 August 21, 2009 - Tokyo Time.

Ok, I believe everything is fixed, for people who are building the ultimate system who are like minded, I assume you will buy Asus and Corsair products like me. So buying 2000MHz ram means that you are probably going to buy a good video card too, probably the 295GTX as I did so I think my questions and possible solutions might be able to help someone. Ok, I have been playing GTA4 for over an hour with no problems at all, here is what I did.


1. I changed place that I plugged my Corsair Airflow Fan; it was plugged in the "Power" plug-in, now it is now plugged into the "Chassis 2" plug-in.

2. I enabled Q-Fan in the bios under "Hardware Monitor" and set the speed of the fans to turbo, this changed the rpm of the airflow fan to 4000 from 2500.

3. I installed SmartDoctor(To control fan speed) for my Asus 295 card, in order to install SmartDoctor, one needs to install GamerOSD(a utility that lets you save video of your game).

5. I set the fan speed for SmartDoctor to Slow: 0°C, Medium: 46°C, Fast: 47°C, Fastest: 48°C. I did this so basically when I am playing a game that is demanding that the fan will have basically no other setting than low, 700rpm, or high, 1500rpm.

6. I disabled GamerOSD from running on startup. GamerOSD seems to have been the culprit for the problems associated with SmartDoctor. There seems to be a .dll file named "Atkdisp.dll" that will do everything from crash the computer to cause misinformation associated with my SmartDoctor (-25°C). So now SmartDoctor is happy because GamerOSD is installed however GamerOSD is not loaded, so "Atkdisp.dll" is not going to crash my computer.


Basically, I believe that there were a couple of minor fine tuning issues associated with my setup. The Ram Airflow Fan was definitely the clincher, as soon as I did that my computer really started to show improvement, so my honest recommendation to everyone here with an Asus motherboard, is to plug your Airflow fan into Case 2 power plug-in on your motherboard and then enable Q-Fan to Turbo setting in the bios. The next thing of course is correctly configuring the fan settings associated with the video card, and then of course fixing the “.dll” issue. I have learned my lesson, if you want to record video, use Fraps. Also, don’t load any unnecessary software. In this case though, you don’t really have a choice as you need SmartDoctor to control your video card fan and you need GamerOSD for SmartDoctor to run at boot without showing you any error messages. Kinda a catch 22. Oh well, I will keep everyone apprised of the situation, I will report back in a week if everything continues to function well.



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Ok, so I had a number of problems, but the video card is the last of them, but I think it is associated with my XMP memory profile, which is why I am posting it here on this forum and not the Asus VIP Forum.


Ok, so... here we go.. this is the story.


The computer is almost totally stable; everything is running almost so nice. However, when I am playing GTA4 for an hour or two I get a screen jitter and then I know something is up, so I minimize the program and take a look at my Asus temperature monitoring program/fan speed controlling program called "Asus SmartDoctor". It then notifies me that "The VGA chipset fan isn't functioning well. Replacing with a new fan may be needed." So this is the last of my problems.


Obviously since my video card is "brand-spankin' new" and my fan sounds perfect, and it spins up real nice and everything, I think it is fairly fair to say that my fan is ok. I have read on many web pages and blog posts about this problem. Either my power supply isn't supplying stable voltage to my VGA ram due to the fact that I have only a 650Watt Power Supply (However I thought that 650Watt should be good enough!). Or.... or.... this is my question, can the "QPI DRAM Core Voltage" setting at "1.6" and the "DRAM Bus Voltage" being set at "1.66" affect the power that is being supplied to my video card? Is my video card being inadvertently overclocked too? Thereby creating "unstable voltage" and then my video card crashes and the software reads weird information like -64°C(Don't get me wrong, hehehehe I would love for my GPU and GPU RAM to be at -64°C but I don't think my fans are that powerful hehehe)? Setting the voltage back to "auto" levels and then decreasing the MHz of the ram to 1700MHz seems(more testing needs to be done, but I need to go to work) to keep my computer totally stable........ I don't know..


What is your opinion? :roll: (I know this emoticon is a rolling the eyes, but it looks to me more like thinking so please take it as a thinking emoticon and not a sarcastic rolling eyes emoticon hehehehehe)




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The problem is gone. Here is "The Final Solution".


Everything that I said previously is correct, except for everything I said about "SmartDoctor" and "GamerOSD". The problems have been totally resolved with the Dominator GT side of things, now it is just my video card software that is broken. The reason why I am posting this here is to complete the story, so hopefully this will help someone, I will post it also on Asus's forums. Also, when this problem shows up, it VERY VERY MUCH resembles a problem associated with a RAM overclock, which made my issues 10 times more confusing. Sometimes my computer would freeze, sometimes just the video card would freeze. Anyways, I think that even if a person just skims through this and they are experiencing a similar problem like me, then, they can rest easy as it might be not an issue associated with overclocking you RAM, it very well might be an issue associated with your Asus video card product.


#1. However cool you think you may be, you are not cool enough to get Asus SmartDoctor and GamerOSD to function ...properly(seriously, they work... but for 30 minutes, 40 minutes, then your computer crashes and you wonder what happened). Let me repeat that so you can totally grasp that last sentence. It is impossible to get the Asus software to work. There is no point, I have been through every resource on the web and those "fundamental" programs in which monitor and adjust the speed of your fans and your video card do not function properly and are inherently damaged. They will not work no matter what you do, at some point in time, they will absolutely fail. You want proof, you just go over to the forums, the moderators of the forums all tell you to uninstall everything associated with Asus and your video card, even to go as far as to go into your registry and delete anything associated with SmartDoctor, if you can believe. Then uninstall everything associated with NVidia and re-install. Re-install the latest nvidia drivers and the latest NVidia system tools (this will let you create a new fan profile to adjust your fan speed).


This is just one of hundreds of posts telling a person to uninstall the smartdoctor.




So, once uninstalled and once the NVidia software is properly installed and configured, you will notice something, something kinda stupid. Asus has made it so that only Asus software can read the temperature of the dual GPU. This kinda sucks, because of this, it is difficult to setup a fan profile in the NVidia software. I highly recommend buying an actual NVidia product as all the different manufactures of the 295GTX put their different spin on the product with different fan software, and you must use that software, which really kinda “chews” to put it lightly. So what I did is I created a fan profile in the NVidia software and based the fan speed depending on the memory usage instead of the temperature.. as temperature doesn't exist.... because of Asus.


Done. If I figure out how to get the NVidia software to read the temperature then I will post it here and finish up the thread. Unless you don't want me to eheheheh.. then I wont because at this point I am 100% sure my dominator bt 2000mhz ram is running flawlessly... however with the Asus drivers installed, it looks like the ram is not running flawlessly, which is the reason why I am posting this. Rest assured people, if you are having the same problem as I am, your Dominator GT products are working A-O-K.


On a side note, I honestly can't believe how fast my computer speeds up when I turn on the xmp memory profile, everything is just absolutely instant. It takes about 5 seconds off of boot time and to load generic programs is almost instantaneous. I purchased a children’s DVD for my brother, then backed up the Japanese children’s DVD today as we are flying to Canada, I needed to remove the region code so he can watch it, also I will give both the original and the backup to my brother’s children as a present so hopefully they can memorize a couple of Japanese words, to rip and burn was honestly a good few minutes faster when XMP was turned on. I cannot imagine my computer without this specific memory. The Dominator GT 2000MHz memory is simply my most valued piece of hardware in my computer. I would even go so far as to say that I would give up video card before I gave up my RAM.



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Hello my friends,


For those of you who have been following my posts.... I was really excited yesterday to have found the solution to my problems.... however.... I put my computer through extensive testing yesterday nigh and my computer is still freezing. I mean it lasts for about 2 hours now, and then boom, same problem; jerk, then freeze. I must minimize the game, then the windows resolution will switch to 640x480 @ 16 colors. I will hit ctrl-alt-delete and then I will end task on GTA4. Then to my surprise about 20 seconds later... my rez and computer switch back to 1680x1050 automatically. Is my video card getting enough power?


I just have one question. Can someone with more "know-how" than I take a look at my power supply requirements given the computer that I have and let me know if my power supply is too small, if it is too small, can someone recommend to me a specific power supply that might solve my problem taking in to account that I might want to upgrade to quad-sli in a few years from now?


Thank you.


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Ok, so ... I am at the end of my lil rope. I have tried everything and the only thing that I can think of is the fact that so many people on the internet recommend at least a 700 Watt power supply with a minimum of a 31amp flowing into the card. My current power supply is a 650watt power supply. These are its ratings.

Output Voltage Range MAX Reg.Ripple & Noise

+5V 24.0A ±3% 50

+12V1 19.0A ±3% 120

+12V2 19.0A ±3% 120

+12V3 19.0A ±3% 120

-12V 0.8A ±10% 120

+5VSB 3.0A ±5% 50

+3.3V 24.0A ±3% 50


I think I need the Corsair HX1000W. Then I won't have any problems. What are people's thoughts on this? Remember I have my ram overclocked to 2000MHz, I have 3 hard drives and I would like to someday put a second 295GTX in. I would also like to overclock my CPU after I do some research so to as reduce the bottleneck between my video card and my cpu... but I guess I have already kinda overclocked my cpu already a little bit by just setting my ram to xmp.


Anyways, what are your thoughts?



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