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Bottleneck using TWIN2X4096-6400C4DHX


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actually, i dont really understand where is the truth culprit of bottlenecked at my system

so, if im post at the wrong thread and forum, forgive me..i dont have a clue anymore :(:


so..this is it the problem :


when im just using 1 memory C4DHX module at designed latency and volt (4-4-4-12 2.1v), it works flawlessly without lags when playing games(ex : prototype @low setting), also 3dmark benchmark went into average 7000


but, when i'm using 2x2gb 6400C4DHX at 4-4-4-12 2.1v, 3dmark benchmark result is really bad. average 3000. also laggy when playing prototype at low setting. it supposed to be faster enough when using dual channel right?


i have already ask other forum, and then they said,

"it's yours RAM fault, turn your voltage down @1,9v" - it designed at 2.1v, so i guess it doesn't matter

"it's your graphic card that causing your system bottlenecked" - if so..why when im using 1 module, system work flawlessly?

many assumption that makes me confused :confused: and tired enought to write


i have tested 1 pair and 1 module..and it passed without error with legacy usb disabled.


i have latest bios and driver..then what causing my system bottleneck? it is the RAM? Graphic card? Motherboard? Processors? or else?


if it's the RAM fault, then what im supposed to do using 1 pair without bottleneck?


if it's the other fault, then this thread is solved


thanks a lot

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That sounds more like an issue with the chipset on the MB, can you test the modules and Video card on another MB or system?


hmmm, i see..the chipset issues


but i guess it's fine now, i dont know why when im trying to put my modules back into 2x2gb again (maybe in third times tried) at same system/MB, my system works fine without bottleneck until now. Bottleneck went gone without trace


so, i really dont know what causing my bottleneck last time

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