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Need Help for Upgrading Memory


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Hello to all.


This is my first post in this forum. I hope that any mistake made by me in what follows shall be pointed out so that I don't repeat it.


My computer has become sluggish and I intend to purchase new memory modules and replace the existing 1GB stick.


My concerns are:

1. My motherboard (Intel original DG965RYCK) manual states that it supports upto 4GB @ 800MHz and upto 8GB @ 667MHz. I think 4GB would be fine for me. Should I go for 800MHz or 667MHz and what will be the price difference? Also I think 2X2GB will be better than 4X1GB. What do you suggest?


2. Does Windows XP Professional 32 bit edition support 4GB or upto 3.2GB? Since I am neither into gaming nor applications like Photoshop, will I really benefit from 4GB or should I go for 2GB? BTW I use my PC for movies and lossless music other than downloading files from internet.


3. Why doesn't Intel list any Corsair 800MHz in their compatible memory list for the above motherboard model? I hope memory clock timings and voltages aren't any issues!


4. Will my current PSU suffice for these RAM modules? I don't intend to purchase a PSU right now.


5. Will heating be any issue?


6. Can anyone point a short guide on memory modules containing information about differences between DDR, DDR2, DDR3, brief details on CAS Latency, voltages, etc.? Meanwhile I will try to soak in as much as possible from this forum.


I do apologize for so many queries but I thank you in advance for your concern and time.

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