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285 GTX is making noises is my PSU dying ?


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I have an EVGA 285 GTX that is 5 months old and a 520 HX psu that is 2 years old. Just yesterday after I installed Dawn of War II. My video card started making high pitch, then lower pitch kind of vibration noises when the game started loading but then when it would get in the game, the noise would go down. The video card doesn't make any sound when I am just on the desktop or doing basic things. So I called EVGA and they told me that its probably my PSU going bad and that I should have had a bigger PSU to run that card. I had a 260 gtx and it didn't have any problems. Do you guys think its my PSU dying or video card? How can I test to see if it has the right amps and volts ?
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