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I have just bought a new 16GB USB Memory Stick to replace my overworked and dying Voyager. This got me to thinking about keeping the data secure. After endless browsing on the Web 6-10 hours) for a suitable application I turned to Corsair Tech Support... After three goes it became evident that the person on the other end had not read my brief request ( I was offered a refund for my broken stick!) I gave up deciding they were far too overworked... So back to the WWW.


I needed an application to do two things


1) Secure the mem stick and

2) To allow me to open the stick at work where I have no Administrator Privileges. So the stick had to carry the application to unlock itself.


In the ‘Important Links’ column to the left of these forums is a link for TrueCrypt – A Freeware security application which is rated by many as one of the very best. Sadly TrueCrypt will not run off the memory stick and it has to be installed on every PC the Encrypted Memory Stick is used on... I found nearly all of this type of application had this problem... No way can I go around to a friend’s house and say, “Can I just install this application first please?” and without Administrator Rights I cannot use the stick to ferry work back and forth between work and home.


I wonder to what degree memory stick manufacturers might be accused of reckless manufacturing... Would you buy a car with no locks and a simple push button to start ignition? (tongue just a little in cheek).


After downloading and trying a lot of applications and reading even more Help Files I eventually found an application which did exactly what I needed.

I suspect I am not allowed to post the name here – forum rules... So I will just say Google - 'Lock Folder' (sic).


I hope this post is useful to others it has taken me a lot of time to find this - and maybe Corsair will consider developing or licensing something to lock and unlock their products with non Administrator Access?

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