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Manual set memory in BIOS, don't dare...


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When trying to make sure the memories are working properly the guidlines on Corsair homepage is to.


1. Set 5-5-5-18-2T and voltage to 1,8v + speed to 800MHZ?

2. Run memtest.


Memtest was ok, at least for the 3 pass I made.


But I have searched for days now how to set Set 5-5-5-18-2T and voltage to 1,8v + speed to 800MHZ on my Asus P5Q turbo. It's not very clear in the BIOS with ALOT of different options (each and everyone capable of destroying the computer it feels like...) to do, and I can't easily see how I can write in this information only.


Basically I don't dare.


Does anyone know if there is a good guide somewhere how to do this?


Best regards,



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So what you're saying is don't change anything, keep AUTO in the BIOS settings?


If so I'm ok, since I never did change anything and just upgraded the BIOS to latest release.


My motherboard don't have a Northbridge temp sensor and I guess if there is a overheating problem on the NB it could show up as memory problems. Is there any good way to stress the NB (put heat load on it) to see if it's causing problems? I have already run memtest, and 3D/PC Mark softwares.

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