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Windows Re-booting Overheating TWIN2X4096-8500C5D


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I have a problem which seems related to the ram blocks...:confused:


At the moment i am running with 2 2GB Dominator CM2X2048-8500C5D DDR2 The problems will occur after a few hours of having the computer turned on - faster if i use memory intensive programs.

Same problem as TVIS and other on this forum.

I think the ram get to hot to function properly after a given period of time. My case is very well ventilated and I have a fan on the memory chips but this happens (every 3 or 4 days depending on usage) and causes a spontanious reboot. I can then check the ram with windows ram test or something else and will get a lot of errors after such a reboot. At first I though it was one ram chip so I swapped slots. They both had errors. Each time I run the memory program I get differant errors.


If I cold re-boot everything is okay for awhile - so both sticks are okay cold and no good 'warm'.


Is this the ram cooling failing on me or can i lower some setting in the bios which will prevent them from getting to warm?


I did verifed these ram should work in this MOBD even though it states 1.8v and these are 2.1v


BTW I put in two 1gig competor brand at 1.8 v and system works fine...

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