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620HX making a whining noise (possibly from fan)?


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I just got a new 620HX and it seems to be working well. However, it often makes loud, high pitched whiny noises. There doesn't seem to be a pattern to when it does it, although I notice it more when accessing the hard drives. It's two days old- the problem just started today. Could the PSU be going bad? I would hate for it to kill my new system (last one caught on fire due to a lightening strike). Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!




Ah crap it's actually that problem that is extensively discussed in the sticky. I disabled C1E and EIST and the problem goes away. HOWEVER, if I do anything GPU intensive (playing games, rendering, etc) the squeal comes back and it was so loud I called a priest to exorcise my computer. Didn't seem to help. I'm using a HIS 4890 if that helps. I've been researching the whole day and can only conclude that it's a mobo or PSU issue. I've never had an issue with Corsair PSU- the things are rock solid.



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The noise is not normal on our PSUs. Here are the possible causes: connected to an emulated sine wave UPS, bad power feedback from the video card, and of course a faulty PSU. If the system is current hooked up to a UPS, then please try connecting directly to the wall outlet. Is it possible to test the system with a different video card?
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