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Problem with rebate from zipzoomfly


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Hey everyone, I bought a Corsair 620hx PSU from ZipZoomFly for $139 with a $40 mail in rebate. I received the Power Supply on Friday the 14th and went to fill out the rebate information that same night. I went through all the steps and was all ready to send it out today, August 15th, when I noticed the rebate form only said I should get $20.


I found the old offer for $40 on ZipZoomFly's website which was good from 8-4-09 through 8-11-09 (I purchased on 8-6-09) but, like stated above, have already gone through the steps of filling out the pre-registration and printing out the form needed (except for $20). Is there any way I can get this old information changed (erased?) so that I may pre register again and fill out the correct form?


Just for clarification, I didn't send out the form yet. I noticed this right before I went to.


Thanks for any help.

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