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Good response from Corsair

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I e-mailed Corsair Technical support asking for the "very best" memory for my new gaming build. Recieved a prompt response,trouble is I can't afford Corsairs best memory for my ASUS Crosshair III,I must make do with the "best" not the very best.


You know I could not find a price on the exact memory reccommended GMG4GX3M2A1600C6 but other similar were out of my range.


Tech support supplied a good link as to how the speed of your memory slows as you add more.


Ran the CPU-Z test on my ASUS M4A78T-E with the Anthlon X2 250 and 8gb of someone elses DDR3 1333 and it shows its running at 1333. I used the "autoclock" function from AMD's OverDrive 3.0 and just let it select all parameters for me. Stable as a rock. It does seem like the last 2gb is very lonely as I don't see it used much.

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