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RMA Procedure Case #986066


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Hello there,


I purchased a kit of 4gb (2x2gb) memory modules as follow :


TWIN2X4096-6400C5 ver3.1 and they doesnt work even at lower speeds and higher timings like DDR2 667 with 6-6-6-20 latencies.


I've tried to put them on another computer,tried to switch them on the slot colors(black and yellow) but they still fail at memtest and sometimes they reboot the pc randomly.


I've tried also to test each module at time, but still no success, one is pretty unstable at 667 speeds while the other can reach 700-720Mhz without failing memtest with 1.9v(as labeled on the memory).


Just for the record I got another DDR2 800 1gb module from ******** and it passes memtest in my pc on both slot colors (black and yellow ) at 5-5-5-18 timings with 1.9v


Finally I decided to open an RMA process but I wasnt able to send the modules because I had to travel to another country (Brazil -> France) and there I stayed for like 3 months, now that I'm back I wonder if I could send the modules or should I open another RMA case ? My 1st RMA Case #986066 is still open with the message "parts not received" ( of course ), but just for safety is the RMA case still open or should I start another one?


Thank you for your patience and sorry for any english mistypes.

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